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Superintendent's Message

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Eric Lowe

I am very proud to have spent my whole professional career at Beaver Local, this being my 23rd year while serving in my seventh year as the district superintendent.  I am a district resident and we are blessed to have a supportive school community that supports many district initiatives and are passionate about Beaver Local Schools.  


Beaver Local works to ensure students are provided varied learning opportunities in both traditional and student centered learning to help them reach their potential.  Teachers have the ability to use a variety of resources which enable them to extend learning beyond the traditional school house walls and allow students to have ownership of their learning.  Students are encouraged to be creative and demonstrate mastery of content in a variety of means.  We continue to strive to grow as professionals as education and technology continue to change so that we can provide students an educational experience that prepares them for the outside world while also fostering an atmosphere that encourages students to run into our school.


It is our daily goal to provide a learning experience that allows students to grow as a student but also have fun at the same time.  We believe that having students excited about coming to school allows us to extend their learning by using that motivation to foster increased growth in student learning.  Today's world of education is quickly changing along with the skills needed to enter the workforce of tomorrow.  It is our goal to continue to evolve with those changes to provide students with skills that will allow them to adapt to that ever changing world.


As superintendent, it is our goal that students are educated not only in academic matters but are able to grow socially to reach their maximum potential so they can impact our community to continue to make it a great place to live.  We strive to work with them on items which impact our school and our community.  It is also important in today's world we model and teach them the proper use of social media so that they can use it in a positive manner.


Thank You for everything that you do to help Beaver Local continue to be a great place to be.


Choose Optimism!

Eric N. Lowe



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