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Syllabus- AC Algebra II

AC Algebra II

Beaver Local High School

2018-2019 Academic Year


Teacher:  Mr. Pacanowski (“Mr. Pac”)  


Classroom: Room #H102 (Beaver Local High School)


Textbook: Saxon Algebra II, Saxon, Saxon Publishers-Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2009


Beaver Local High School Website: www.beaver.k12.oh.us/school_home.aspx?schoolid=1


Mr. Pacanowski’s High School Phone Number: (330) 386-8700 ext 22366


Mr. Pacanowski’s Teacher Website: http://beaversmath-mrpac.weebly.com


Mr. Pacanowski’s Twitter: @beaversmath_MrP


Mr. Pacanowski’s E-Mail Address: jason.pacanowski@beaverlocal.org


Classroom Rules:

-BE RESPECTFULL TO ALL AND RESPECT PROPERTY.  Respect yourself, others, and your teachers in the same manner in which you wish to be respected and treated.  No talking while someone else is talking. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Raise your hand before speaking.  Be respectful of other student’s opinions and ideas.  Respect your property, other’s property, and school property.  Clean up after yourself and when you leave the classroom.

-BE ON TIME AND PREPARED FOR CLASS EACH AND EVERY DAY. You must be in your seat and have all of your materials for class (Textbook, writing utensils, 3-ring binder) with you at the time the bell rings every day.  Pencils should be sharpened prior to the start of class or during group work or independent work time, not during instructional time.

-COME PREPARED WILLING TO LEARN AND PARTICIPATE.  Come to class prepared to learn and work in groups on problems, exercises, projects, etc.  Be prepared to listen to directions and take notes.

-NO FOOD, DRINK, GUM, OR CANDY PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOM.  Bottled water will be allowed in class but no other drink or food will be allowed in the classroom unless approved by the teacher.

-OBEY ALL OTHER HIGH SCHOOL RULES, POLICIES, AND PROCEDURES. NO CELL PHONES or ipods are allowed to be used in the classroom and must be placed in each particular student’s calculator holder as students come into the classroom and get their calculators.  Phones may only be used when approved by the teacher.




Classroom Policies/Procedures:

-Math “Brain Teasers/Riddles of The Day” will be given to the class at the beginning of the class period three times a week as students are coming into the classroom.  These riddles will be group/whole class activities that will last the first five minutes of the class, and are designed to start the day off with a fun math learning challenge to get your mind thinking of math.  Each pair that gets the Brain Teaser correct will receive one extra credit point and if the class gets a total of 4 pairs of correct answers they will receive a tally for their class period.  These tallies will accumulate for one particular unit and each class will be competing against their fellow classes to see which class can get them most correct for a particular unit.

            -Students will be assigned seats in pairs.  On days when math riddles/brain teasers are given, students will enter the classroom and sit in their pairs and begin immediately working on the “Riddle of The Day.”  Seating arrangements and pairs will be changed periodically throughout the year, probably every Unit, and re-assigned by the teacher.

            -Textbooks will be handed out and signed out to each student on the first day by the teacher.  Students are personably responsible for the book in which they are assigned.

-Calculators will be assigned to each student by number on the first day and are only allowed to be used in the classroom.  Each day as soon as the students arrive, students will grab their calculators from the front of the room and put their cell phone in place of their calculator in the calculator holders (Both Graphing and Scientific calculators will be available to each student to use whenever they need it during their particular class).  CELL PHONES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE USED AS CALCULATORS!!

- Any student needing to leave the classroom throughout the class period needs to raise their hand or approach the teacher and ask them to leave.   Agendas are NO LONGER BEING USED AS HALL PASSES.  Teacher will have one BATHROOM PASS and ONE HALL PASS ON LANYARDS in the front of the classroom.  Once a student has been approved to use the restroom or hall pass, that student must grab the particular lanyard they need and sign out on the BATHROOM SIGN OUT SHEET or HALL PASS SIGN OUT SHEET and may then use the restroom or take care of what they need to take care of.  Upon return the student must sign back in.  (NO MORE THAN ONE STUDENT AT A TIME WILL BE ALLOWED OUT OF THE CLASSROOM.)  Failure or abuse of this policy will result in Disciplinary Action. (SEE BELOW)

            -On days when homework is due, students will turn in their homework immediately after the “Riddle of the Day,” and will turn it into the appropriate bin on the wall of the classroom.  Binders and Notes books will be turned in on the opposite side of the classroom in stacks along the wall.  Any homework assignment turned in after that will be accepted but will receive a 10 % deduction for every day it is late.  LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER A WEEK LATE UNLESS APPROVED BY TEACHER.

-CHEATING ON ANYTHING will result in an automatic zero for the assignment, test, or project.  Continued cheating will result in disciplinary action.

-“BONUS PROBLEMS OF THE DAY,” will be giving every couple of days in the last 5 minutes of class.  Any questions on the problem will be allowed for only the last 5 minutes of that particular class.  Bonus Problems Of The Day are due the next day before the “Riddle of the Day,” or start of class.  The first student to come up to me with the correct answer and can explain how they arrived at the answer will receive 1 bonus point.  All other correct answers will receive a ½ point extra credit.

-Students are asked to leave the classroom the same way they enter it, CLEAN.  All students will be expected to clean up their areas before they are allowed to be dismissed for the day.  Teacher will check areas, before students are allowed to leave.

-DISCIPLINARY ACTION for misbehaviors and other unwanted behaviors will be handled in the following way: (THIS GOES FOR TARDIES AS WELL)

            -1st Offense………………..1st Warning

            -2nd Offense……………….LAST WARNING-Loss of 1 participation point

            -3rd Offense……………….Detention and Loss of 2 participation points.

            -4th Offense……………….Student will be sent to the Assistant Principals office, a                                                       FRIDAY NIGHT SCHOOL will be issued, and they will lose                                                     all participation points for that day.


-NO CELL PHONE WILL BE ALLOWED IN CLASS, unless the teacher tells students they can use them for the purpose of the lesson, and must be turned into their respective calculator slots in exchange for their calculator at the beginning of each class period.  Once class starts the teacher should not see them out at all, unless specified for a lesson.

-ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE PLACED IN EACH STUDENTS RESPECTIVE CALCULATOR SLOTS AND MUST BE ON MUTE OR SHUTOFF!!!  No cell phones will be allowed at any student desks at any time.  Cell phone must be in those slots or lockers or else disciplinary action will occur.

-For those who do not abide to this rule and policy, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:

            1st Offense(of the year)…………..Warning

            2nd Offense (of the year)…………Take away students phone for the class period                                                                     and give them an after school detention.

3rd Offense(of the year)………….Take phone away for period and student receive                                                    a FRIDAY NIGHT SCHOOL.  Student will also                                                              receive a warning that if it happens again they                                                        will not only receive a FRIDAY NIGHT SCHOOL, but                                                              will also lose homework points.

            4th Offense(of the year or More)….Take phone away for period, receive a FRIDAY                                                                         NIGHT SCHOOL,  and student loses 5 homework                                                                   points.






Missed Assignments: It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you’ve missed.  YOU have as many days as you were absent to turn in any missing work.  All absent work is to be placed in the MAKE-UP WORK BIN that is located next to all of the different Homework bins in the classroom.  If you are absent when a particular assignment is due, YOU are responsible for turning in that assignment upon YOUR return to school (that includes tests, quizzes, projects, etc.).  Assignments missed for an unexcused absence will not be accepted for a grade.


Algebra I Classroom Binder:  Students are required to keep a 3-ring binder for this class.  Your Algebra I Math binder will include the following sections: NOTES, HOMEWORK, HANDOUTS, IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENTS, PROJECTS/APPLICATIONS, TESTS/QUIZZES.  These binders will be periodically collected and graded, and will serve a variety of functions in the classroom throughout the year.  So it is very important to always keep everything we work on in class in this binder.  (A 3-hole bunch will be available in the classroom for anything that needs to be put into the binder.)


Algebra I Before School/After School Tutoring: I will be available for tutoring for any student needing extra help in Algebra II after school from 2:45pm-3:45pm on a daily basis.  Students are welcomed and encouraged to stop by if they need any extra help or wish to ask questions.  Students may also refer to my teacher webpage if they have any questions outside of these hours.


Mr. Pacanowski’s Teacher Website: I will have a teacher website available to my students and parents to access homework assignments, bonus problems, Brain Teasers of the Day, extra help problems, links to video’s explaining and reviewing concepts and types of problems that have already been taught in the class, teacher contact information, monthly newsletters, etc.  This website is currently fully functional and will continue to be updated throughout the year with what we are doing so that if you need any extra help you can refer to that website to get that additional help.


REMIND 101/TWITTER:  I will be using both Twitter and Remind 101 for daily updates, changes, homework assignments, test dates, daily tips and reinforcement techniques for what we went over that day in class, and other helpful class reminders.  This will be done for your benefit and to help you out as much as possible in my class, so please pay attention to these reminders and updates.  (EACH CLASS WILL HAVE DIFFERENT REMIND 101 ACCOUNTS AND EACH STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENROLLING IN REMIND 101 FOR THEIR PARTICULAR CLASS….IT WILL BE COUNTED AS A HOMEWORK GRADE FOR ENROLLING…SO IT SHOULD BE EASY POINTS) (Parents may also enrolled and receive reminders and updates for the class in which their student is in and must follow the same instructions that the students must follow to enroll.) (A HANDOUT WITH THE STEPS IN HOW TO ENROLL WILL BE PASSED OUT ON THE FIRST OR SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL)





Grading Policy/Scale: The overall grade in this class will be on a weighted scale and will be weighted in the following areas

                        -Daily Participation                                                                               5%

                        -Homework/Projects/In-Class Assignments/Math Binders                40 %               

                        -Tests & Quizes                                                                                   55%


                                                                                                                                    100 %


The grading scale for this class is as follows, and is in accordance with Beaver Local High School policy:

                        A          93-100

                        B          85-92

                        C          75-84

                        D          65-74

                        F          0-64


High School Rules, Policies, and Procedures: Students must also follow all High School Rules, Policies, and Procedures while in my classroom.  Students should spend some time going over those rules, policies, and procedures so that they know what is expected of them at Beaver Local High School.



























I have read the syllabus, classroom rules, policies, and procedures on this page and fully understand what is expected of me.  By signing this, I agree to abide by these rules and realize the consequences that apply to me if I break them.



Student’s Name _______________________ Student’s Signature ________________________


Date  _____ / ______ / 2018


I have read through the syllabus, classroom rules, policies, and procedures on this page and understand and am aware of what is expected of my child.


Parent / Guardian Signature _________________________________ 


Date _____  /  ______  / 2018