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ENGLISH – GRADE 10 – AUGUST 26, 2013


This course emphasizes the application of the reading and writing process to induce student involvement in a variety of situations.  This course provides challenging instruction in strategic reading and writing to enable students to achieve a higher level of critical thinking and accomplishment.  A positive attitude toward reading and writing, and a successful completion tasks will be targeted.

  1. All students receive 10 bonus points for a valid library card.
  2. Textbooks: Our literature book is titled ELEMENTS OF LITERATURE. Writing textbooks will be used as well as novels, biographies, and supplementary materials.  Tentatively, the students may read:  Antigone, Julius Caesar, Traditions – Psalms, Parables, Suras, Quatrains, Anecdotes, Fables - The Round Table, Catching Fire, To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Big Fish, Red Scarf Girl, In The Time of the Butterflies, A Doll’s House plus many short stories and poems. Writing activity packets will be used with literature and films to motivate student understanding.  Films may consist of any of the titles above or include Hunger Games, Camelot, The War. Students are encouraged to purchase books, or borrow them from local libraries. Please email me a.s.a.p. if you object to any above literature.
  3. Required Supplies: notebook paper, three ring binder, and a two pocket folder, colored pencils, 2 pens (blue or black), pencil, journal or composition book, and school agenda.




  1. To utilize the reading and writing process as a foundation for learning
  2. To practice strategic reading, writing, listening and speaking  behaviors
  3. To develop confidence in his/her ability to successfully read and write
  4. To build respect and tolerance for the ideas of diversity by reading a wide variety of multicultural literature
  5. To develop independent learners who read and write for information as well as enjoyment
  6. To increase student success in 21st Century learning



            Our school website is    http://www.beaver.k12.oh.us.schools.bz/

If a parent/guardian desires a conference, it would be advisable to schedule a time through the office. This will insure that there is no conflict with other parent conferences, meetings, or other activities.  As a general rule, I will be available after school and during 1:00-1:30 daily. Please visit our high school web page and visit my teacher website for folders of study including assignments under English 9 – class files.  Questions or concerns: my school email is mary.zirillo@beaverlocal.org

                        Most important – you can monitor your child’s progress daily with Access Progress Book.



Each student’s grade will be computed using a point system.  The total number of points possible each grading period will depend upon the number of assessments given during the grading period.  I follow our school’s grading scale and absence policy for missed assignments.  I do not accept extra credit work because there are enough opportunities given during each semester for a student who puts forth effort to earn a good grade.



Behavior Expectations: Students are expected to act in a respectful manner at all times.  Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class.  Students are expected to work quietly at their assigned seats and turn in all assignments on time.  Make-up work for absences is the student’s responsibility.

Consequences for misbehavior may include verbal warning, detention, written discipline writing, phone call home, Saturday school, internal suspension, and/or external expulsion.

  1. Respect teacher and other students
  2. Raise your hand to speak or get out of your seat
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  4. No profanity, fighting, or put-downs
  5. Keep classroom neat and clean


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I have reviewed the course expectations as stated with my child.  We understand the responsibilities in this class.

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