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BLHS Athletic Hall of Fame



Officers: Jodi Campbell, Chairman, Bob Barrett, Vice-ChairmanBarbara Mathess, Secretary, Paul Metrovich, Treasurer
Rex Campbell, Joe Carr, Bill Croxall, Tom Cunningham, Butch Gaydos,
Dave Hoppel, 
Eric Lowe, John McComas, Brian McKenzie, Kari Miller, Gary Williams

Contact Bob Barrett for more information. 

Shawn Dunn, Joe Linkesh, Stephen Mercer, Brad White, Wilbur Staley

The Beaver Local High School Athletic Hall of Fame is established for the purpose of recognizing and appropriately honoring achievements of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the athletic programs of Beaver Local High School.

Candidates for the Hall may be student athletes, coaches and/or athletic administrators and must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Student athletes who have exhibited outstanding performance as an individual or as a member of an athletic team representing Beaver Local High School.
  2. Coach and/or athletic director, including, but not limited to athletic director and faculty manager, who meets the requirements of item “A” above.
  3. Student athletes must have earned at least one varsity letter and the athlete’s class must have graduated a minimum of seven (7) years prior to nomination.  Coaches and/or athletic administrators must have served in that capacity for at least five years and retired or otherwise left the school system for at least seven (7) years prior to nomination.  Board of education member service does not count toward this requirement.  Coaches and/or athletic administrators will be nominated under the special category.
  4. Special Category – provisions are made for individuals who are not otherwise qualified as a student athlete, coach, or administrator, but have in other ways shown devotion to and helped support or bring recognition to the athletic programs of Beaver Local High School.
  5. Posthumous Induction: provisions are made for individuals eligible as members of any category for consideration for posthumous induction.  The category will be considered by the committee during each yearly review of Hall of Fame candidates.  Candidates for induction must meet the same criteria established in this article and Article 7 for eligibility and selection.

Hall of Fame Committee will be responsible for soliciting nomination from as many sources as possible in order to ensure a fair and equitable consideration of all potential Hall of Fame candidates.

Nomination categories are established as follows:

  1. Modern Era: Class of nominee must have graduated no more than 20 years prior to year of consideration.
  2. Senior Era:  Class of nominee must have graduated more than 20 years prior to year of consideration.
  3. Special Category:  Defined in D above.

Senior and Modern Era eligibility will automatically advance one year coincident with each new group of Hall of Fame inductees.

If you are interested in nominating someone for recognition, please use the nomination link below or obtain a form from any Hall of Fame committee member.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form