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2018 Renewal Levy Information

2018 Renewal Levy Information

Voters in the Beaver Local School District will see a RENEWAL, on the ballot for the districts emergency operating levy.  An emergency levy is a fixed-sum property tax that generates a specific dollar amount for a specific period of time (5 years). This 4.721 mill emergency levy serves as a limited operating levy and generates a fixed sum of $1,200,000 annually for a period of 5 years. Fixed-sum levy rates are adjusted annually, up or down, to ensure the specified amount of revenue is collected. In other words, the millage rate could decrease over time if there is new construction or property valuation increases.

5 Facts on the RENEWAL

1.  Renewing the levy is critical to help extend the current operating budget.

2.  The operating budget includes teacher and staff salaries, benefits, maintenance and supplies, fuel, utilities, and instructional supplies.

3.  This levy generates $1,200,000 annually for operating expenses.

4.  Passage of the renewal levy is crucial to maintain current district operations, allowing our students to continue to have the same great staff and programs offered today.

5.  Failure of this levy would require drastic cuts in personnel (salaries and benefits are 72% of the district’s operating budget) and programs.

Passing the levy DOES NOT increase taxes for our community.

Ballot Language You’ll See:      

Ballot Image

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Emergency Operating Levy money be used?

These funds will be used to maintain current programs by providing much needed operational funds for salaries, benefits, utilities, instructional materials/supplies, student academic programs, extra-curricular activities, etc..

Can the Emergency Operating Levy be used for building projects/improvements?  

No.  Operating funds can only be used for day to day operation costs.

School districts essentially have three “pots” of money:

•    Operating funds – Operating dollars are what is used to keep the district running, such as salaries, benefits, utilities, supplies and classroom materials and other district expenses.  

•    Permanent Improvement (PI) – PI dollars can only be used on items that have an expected life of five years or more, such as, furniture, textbooks, and buses.

•    Bond Money – This money can be used only for the building projects and repayment of debt issued for the construction and renovation of our buildings.  The district is very thankful that the community supported our new building.

My property values have recently increased.  Will this increase the amounts I pay on the Renewal Emergency Operating Levy?

No.  Emergency Operating Levies are passed for a specific dollar amount.  If property values increase the county reduces the millage/mills to only collect the specific amount authorized by the voters.  

How is this different than the Maintenance fund that was passed with the building bond issue?

The maintenance fund (1 mil) generates 120,000 a year and is strictly to help us maintain our new building (save for a roof, resurfacing, HVAC maintenance etc.). This money cannot be spent on operating expenses.

Why is the levy called an Emergency levy?

This term “Emergency” is defined by the state of Ohio (that’s what you’ll see in the actual ballot language) but there is no emergency. “Emergency” levies raise a flat dollar amount instead of a specific millage rate.


How will renewal of the operating levy impact my property taxes?

This is a renewal. A school levy can only bring in the amount of dollars for which it was originally approved. If property values increase, the millage is reduced by the county to only collect the dollar amount for which it was approved.


Resource: BL 5-year forecast notes, Columbiana County Auditor


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