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Overview of Discipline


Self-control and good choices are very important to success while in high school.  There are so many exciting opportunities and groups to join during your years at Beaver Local High School.  Get involved!  


The best place to look for rules would be the BLHS handbook, which is online. Students are also encouraged to ask questions regarding the rules and procedures at the high school prior to potentially breaking a rule and/or procedure.  Just simply saying, "I didn't know that" is a road we don't want to go down.






In the unfortunate event that a student receives discipline the following options may occur:


AM or PM Detention- Detentions can be given via a teacher or other staff member.  The detention date served will be assigned to be served based on the student picking from a few upcoming dates.  Detentions are served in the classroom of the teacher assigned to detention.  A schedule of assigned teachers is posted on the website.  Detention sessions are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday in both the am and pm.  Missing a detention results in serving (at least) an additional detention plus the missed one.  Students must bring work to work on as they are not permitted to sleep.


Friday Nigh School (FNS)- FNS is assigned for various infractions such as using cell phone outside of the permitted time (see handbook).  Friday Night School, like detention, is ran by a teacher.  A schedule of FNS is available on the High School website.  FNS is from 2:35 - 5:35 each Friday. Students must bring work to work on as they are not permitted to sleep. 


In-School Suspension (ISS)- ISS is used as a consequence that is below an OSS.  While a student is in ISS he or she is counted present at school and hence is permitted to make up assignments, quizzes, and tests.  The ISS room is housed at Main Office in the ISS Room.  Mr. McElroy is the ISS teacher and will be in charge of making sure that students were sent work to work on.  He is also in charge of assigning and assessing a required career assignment to include an inspiration quote reaction and study.  Students must sufficiently complete the career and quote portions in able to be admitted back to class. Student are permitted to go to after school activities to include practice and/or games.


Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)- OSS is used for serious infractions.  Students assigned to OSS are marked absent and hence CANNOT make up any assignments, quizzes, or tests. Student may not go to after school activities to include practice and/or games.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mr. Mike McKenzie
Resources for using Technology in the classroom:
1. iTunesU resources  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw3pTgVBWYU&index=3&list=PLvrGx2UE_sKQaR2TvvOcUYQgw3Cay3ENV
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