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Beaver Local Online Credits

The Beaver Local Online Credits


If a student failed a traditional class, within the first two weeks of the start of a semester, the student may sign up for that online class with the link below.


👍This online option is free for Beaver Local students as long as you both

➩➩pass and

➩➪finish on time

If you want 💬  to sign up for an online class💬 ,

1.  Go to the counselor’s office to get the paper from Mrs. Rettos or Mrs. Barrett


2.  Log on https://peak.getfueled.com/#login

😵 Caution:  Students must keep a minimum 5% per week pace and completion/success pace. Failure to meet minimum pace will result in detention and then Friday Night School until the student is caught up.  


Online students must:

  1. Keep a minimum (5% per week) pace and completion/success pace. Failure to meet minimum pace/grade will result in detention/FNS until student is caught up.

  2. Communicate immediately to Mr. McElroy or Mr. Riccardo any issues (Example: technology questions, no home internet signal, transportation, etc.).

  3. Pay for the class (or classes) if student can't keep pace or grade requirements.  The cost of each course is $120.00 added to "student fees" and must be paid prior to graduation.

  4. Understand that online classes are free to the student provided he or she has not attempted or failed the exact class prior to signing up. The student must also understand that incomplete and/or failing grades in an online class will result in a fee based on the current rate of class purchase.


Student will have expectations!  The goal is success!


Online students need:

😀The Internet            

😃A computer

😄An email account

😍A supportive group of ‘stakeholders’

😊A driven and independent outlook about learning.



* Students can sign up during two time periods:

1. Within two weeks of school starting in the Fall (1st Semester)

2. Within two weeks of starting the Second Semester


Use the following links when you need help: