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If you are in an emergency situation and you are in need of crisis intervention,

contact the Help Hotline Crisis Center. 

The Help Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

The number is 330-424-7767 or 1-800-427-3606.

Another website that offers help is:      




Mr. Agnew has a 'remind' set up for each grade for important information.  Each student has been given the remind code at the beginning of their freshmen year.  Here are the 'remind' codes for each class.  All students are encouraged to join their 'remind' group.  Parents are also able to join.  


Class of 2019:   Text to the number 81010, text the message:  @afgb6

Class of 2020:  Text to the number 81010, text the message:  @beavers202

Class of 2021:   Text to the number 81010, text the message:  @cka4dh

Class of 2022:  Text to the number 81010, text the message:  @b8bb4h4





ACT Presentation  


Registration deadline is May 3, 2019 for the June 8, 2019 test. 


The following are registration deadlines and test dates for 2018-2019 school year.


Registration deadline is June 14, 2019 for the July 13, 2019 test.


Check with the guidance office for more information and a practice test.

Also on the right of this page is a link to ACT or 

go to www.actstudent.org to register.






If you are looking for scholarships, check out our Scholarship Spreadsheet and Scholarship Search links which are located on this page on the right hand side. 




ATTENTION!  If you have received an outside scholarship, please bring in a copy to the guidance office so that you may be recognized on Senior Recognition Award Night May 22, 2019 at 6:30 PM.  Also if you received a scholarship for any of the sports teams, please let the guidance office know about it.  

We also would like a copy of your acceptance letter from the college or university that you will be attending if they are presenting you with any scholarship monies.  Thank you.




The following is information you will need when CCP for 2019-2020 starts.

Students planning on taking college classes while in high school must attend an informational meeting each year.  If you plan on taking any college credit classes during 2019-2020 or during summer of 2019, you must turn in the 'Intent-to-Participate' form by April 1, 2019:


Intent Form


After you turn in the 'intent' form, you must also apply to either Kent State or YSU depending on classes selected:  

Kent CCP Application 


YSU CCP Application


Even if the student has already attended a CCP meeting in the past, the student and the parent must attend the informational meeting for the upcoming school year. 

Informational Video



TDDS Technical Institute has a training program.  See guidance for more information

NCST has many career opportunities.  See guidance for more information.





For graduating classes of 2018 and beyond, students will have new graduation options! Visit the Ohio Department of Education Graduation Requirements link to the on the right side of this page or use this link to help understand the new graduation requirements at Beaver Local: Graduation Requirement Slide Show

Please use this BLHS FOUR YEAR PLAN to track your progress!

Four Year Plan 


Feel free to contact the guidance office with any questions or concerns.

Parent Information Night April 2018




Mr. Agnew

School Counselor


Mrs. Barrett



Mrs. Rettos

School Counselor


PHONE: 330-386-8700

FAX: 330-386-8720

Welcome to the Beaver Local High School Counselor page!  We are the counselors for all students in grades 9-12, and Mrs. Barrett is the secretary for guidance.  The purpose of this page is to provide students with personal/social, academic, and career assistance. We have an open door policy.  However, when we are not in the building, please explore the links provided on the right.  Be sure to keep track of the scholarship spreadsheet, as scholarships are added and updated frequently.  Also, check the calendar of events on the bulletin board next to the guidance office so that you will know when college and military visits are scheduled.