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Independent Project

Independent Project Requirements


You will be required to turn in a minimum of 75 topic note cards with a minimum of five different resource cards one week prior to your presentation date.  Resources must include at least one book and one magazine or periodical article. Sources can include interviews, pamphlets, brochures, videos, TV programs.  Remember, the internet is not the only source available for research.  I will be looking for a variety of different sources as I check your work cited page.

Proof you have chosen a viable topic.

A rough outline or graphic organizer will be turned in on a date agreed upon in your independent project contract.  This outline or organizer does not have to be typed.

Research Paper

You will prepare a ten page paper in MLA format.  You will be given instructions on formatting your paper in MLA style.  Along with receiving a sample MLA paper, you will be given links to go to on the internet that will explain how to format in MLA style.  The ten required pages do not include the title page and the work cited page.  You will be expected to have a well organized paper with a proper opening and closing paragraph. Each paragraph must also have a good opening and closing sentence.  I will also be looking for good transition between paragraph, proper grammar, and correct spelling and punctuation.  I also want at least one example of parenthetical notation.  Parenthetical notation will be explained as we go over MLA formatting.  I suggest that you start writing your paper well before the due date so you can have me critique it and help your edit it before you type your final draft.

You will receive a separate grade for each of the following;

            Formatting (MLA style followed)

            /Bibliography (A variety of sources, the number of sources, formatting)

            Mechanics and grammar (Spelling, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure)

            Content (Meaningful information, not a lot of filler)

            Organization (Structure of paragraphs, transitions, flow)


Visual Aids


You will be expected to have one major visual aid and a minimum of five minor visual aids.  A visual aid is anything visual that will help your audience understand your topic.  Major visual aids can include but are not limited to student produced videos, power points, photo essays, and Prezis.   Minor visual aids could be anything from writing on a whiteboard or smart board, pictures, graphs, objects, books…the list is endless.  You may present your visual aids, a guest speaker could present visual aids, or you may contact an expert by phone or e-mail and have them talk to the class via Face Time.  We have more technology now, so don’t be afraid to use it.



You will provide a final outline of your presentation.  This outline will be typed in the outline form you will be instructed to use.

Your Presentation

You will be expected to know your topic!  You should be able to talk about your topic, teach it to us, not read a report.  Notes or note cards should be used only to keep you organized; let you know in what order you are going to present your information.  A good presenter should only need an outline.  Avoid making a poster or power point with a lot of wording, then reading the words to the audience.  What you put there, the audience can read for themselves.  Don’t insult their intelligence!  Do, however, stress information that will appear on the quiz.  You will be given bonus points if you can do this without saying, “You need to know this,” or “This will be on the Quiz.”

Hands-on Activity

You will be expected to have the rest of the class participate in an activity that involves doing something.  The activity must also relate to your topic and provide a means for the class to learn more about your topic or show that they have learned something from the information you presented.


You will be expected to create a quiz covering the material you present.  The quiz must contain a minimum of twenty questions, but no more than thirty questions.  The questions should not be one type, but should contain a variety of types of questions. Multiple choice, matching, true and false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer     are various types of questions you could use. While taking the quiz, the class will be permitted to use any notes they have taken.  They may also use any of the visual aids you have posted or placed in the room. Power points, videos, etc. will not, however, be replayed.


You will be expected to critique other presentations using a rubric that will be provided to you at the beginning of each presentation.  Your ability to give constructive criticism and a fair and honest evaluation will be scored