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Gifted Services

G/T Intervention Specialist Service Delivery Roles

  1. Observing students in the regular classroom
  2. Assisting teachers in monitoring student progress
  3. Problem-solving with a team of general educators
  4. Providing teachers with ideas for curriculum development and instructional design
  5. Developing curriculum-based student assessments for mastery learning
  6. Partiipating in cooperative teaching-
    *Team teaching: shared, shadowed, combined, or successive teaching of lessons by the g/t specialist and classroom teacher
    *Complimentary teaching:  teaching of separate but inter-related lessons by the g/t specialist and classroom teachers
    *Supporting learning activities: the classroom teacher determines the content, but the g/t teacher designs supportive learning activities
  7. Joining a teacher or team of teachers for instructional planning
  8. Organizing intra- and /or inter-classroo groupings of students for instruction
  9. Gathering and/or  creating instructional resources and materials
  10. Planning and directing g/t learners' independent studies and learning contracts
  11. Learning and/or interest center design and development for classroom teahers
  12. Assisting classroom teachers with compacting students' curriculum studies
  13. Providing classroom teahers with ideas ofor differentiating curriculum and instructions
  14. Providing supporting learning activities for g/t learners in the regular classroom
  15. Planning and directing differentiated learning activities for pull-out sessions that compliment the regular education curriculum
  16. Coordinating interdisciplinary studies for g/t students
  17. Creating and using differentiated rubrics for student evaluation