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Classroom Expectations

Student Responsibilities

Be on time and in the classroom when the bell rings. Turn in all assignments when due. 

Be prepared.  Have all assignment, projects, recipes, pens, and pencils ready when class starts.  Limit locker, restroom, or office visits.

Be polite. Students should not use profanity or obscene language.

Be respectful of others and their personal belongings or projects. Students must comply with reasonable requests and directions from the teacher.  NO CELL PHONES.

Be neat.    All personal belongings should be placed out of traffic areas.  Clean your work area daily.

Be responsible.  Missed work is the student’s responsibility.  Ask the teacher for make-up assignments when returning to class. 

Be enthusiastic. Complete all work on time and ask questions if you need more instruction. 


***All school rules apply. Please see the Student handbook for a complete list.***