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Thanksgiving week

Lots of fun activities this week!  Write 6 sentences about what you are going to do over vacation. See the list of assignments on the left.

Assignment:  Make some free donations online!  2 websites:  www.TheHungerSite.com:  click across the top on each site (breast cancer, autism, animal shelters, etc.) and click the button on each one "CLICK HERE - IT'S FREE!" extra credit:  sign up for a daily email reminder - forward an email to me for proof (to receive credit)  

www.FreeRice.com:  Follow these steps to sign up for FreeRice.com, join my class, and donate rice by answering vocab questions in Spanish!  1)  sign up (you may use your facebook account - this makes it easier but is not necessary.  Or you may use any email account you wish)  2) check your email and click on the link (unless you used facebook, then skip step   3)  log in (again, unless it shows your user name)  4)  Go to the tab at the top:  Groups/ Find Group  5)  Search for me:  SenoraRhodes (no space)  6)  Join   7) Play  8) Spanish   (It will keep track of all rice donated by you and I will be able to track it as well for your grade.   GOAL:  Donate 4000 grains of rice (in Spanish!)