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Supply List

Beaver Local Elementary

Second Grade Supply List 2017-2018


The following supplies will be placed in shared bins. Each child will need the following supplies:

Please send ONLY the items included in the list below.


- box of pencils (preferably Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 Pre-Sharpened, 30 Count)

- 2 large pink erasers

- fine tipped dry erase markers (2-4 of these- must be low-odor)

- 8-12 glue sticks (Elmers brand) Please no liquid glue!

- scissors

- pencil box

- a deck of playing cards

- large box of tissues

- Clorox wipes

- zip­lock sandwich baggies

- Box of 24 crayons

- 1” sturdy, three-ring binder with pockets

*Additional supplies may be necessary at the start of next school year.


Individual supplies:


-composition notebook (wide ruled)

- 3 ­one­-subject spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

- 1 ­sturdy pocket folder


Optional donations appreciated:

- zip­lock gallon baggies

- Colored pencils

- markers (fine and/or broad tip)