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Classroom rules

Ms. Moser’s Classroom Rules

  1. Be respectful of others property.
    1. Do not tamper with equipment or fixtures in the classroom (including gas jets and water).
    2. Do not write on desks or otherwise deface or damage equipment in the classroom.
    3. Do not put anything other than water and chemicals used during lab into the lab sinks.
    4. Textbooks must be covered at all times. Do not use contact paper or book socks. Use PAPER COVERS!
  2. Be respectful of the instructor.
    1. No sleeping, gum chewing, eating, drinking, or personal grooming in class.
    2. No inappropriate use of computers in the classroom. (NO games).
    3. Come to class prepared and with all required materials.
    4. Do not leave trash in the classroom, take the trash with you or place it in the trash can.
  3. Be respectful of all the other humans in the class (your instructor and your fellow students).
    1. No inappropriate classroom behavior (this includes swearing, rude comments, vulgar gestures and physical contact).
    2. No talking while someone is addressing the class, asking a question, or during announcements.
    3. No throwing objects including pens, pencils, and paper.

Consequences for violating a rule*

First offense: verbal warning

Second offense: written warning

Third offense: demerit

Subsequent offenses: Multiple demerits, detention or other punishment as deemed necessary by the teacher and/or assistant principal.

*Bold and underlined items receive no verbal warning