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7th Grade Excel  

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The seventh grade Excel Class will require the following:

  1. The presentation of an Independent Project during the last nine week period.

Students will be required to turn-in a research paper following the MLA format and present their topic on a date they have chosen at the beginning of the year.  All requirements for the project will be given to the students.  Topic choices are not limited, but must be school appropriate and should be something the student is interested in.  Students will be instructed on how to write their research papers, be given examples, and be given internet links to go to if they have any questions.  So there is no question as to when the project is due by either student or parent, both will be required to sign a contract for the project.   Students will be responsible for making sure they are on the right track with their projects by checking with the teacher throughout the year.  The teacher will go over any and all work with the students if they bring it to her, or e-mail parts of it to her to critique.  It is to the student’s benefit to start on the project early and keep touching base with the teacher. 


  1. Bi-weekly tests on Latin and Greek roots and stems during the first three nine-week periods. 

Students will be given a list of Latin and Greed roots and stems that are a part of the English Language.  They will be expected to learn them, and be tested on them.  The tests are cumulative, so some of the roots and stems they learn on the first list will be seen on following tests.  They cannot memorize the list once, and then forget what they memorized.  They will have to “internalize” the meanings.    Expectations are that the students will be able to take the tests with 80% accuracy.  This means that if there were fifty roots and stems on a test, they would have to get forty of them correct to receive a grade of 100% A.  All of the lists and tests can be practiced online.  The site to go to is www.quizlet.com.  Students will be invited by the teacher to join and be given instructions.


  1. Creating and managing a class business   

The seventh grade class will learn various aspects of business by creating their own business during the second nine week period.   Students will choose a product, prepare to market the product,  analyze cost of materials to make the product,  find out what one item would cost to produce,  decide on a selling price for the product, use a spreadsheet to make order forms (if necessary), and to  keep track of production and inventory, expenses and profit or,  hopefully not  loss.   Students will have to make samples of prospective products and convince a financial backer, their teacher, that the product they have chosen will sell,*can be manufactured in the classroom, and can turn a profit.

*This year we may have a chance to work with members of The Idea Foundry in Columbus, Ohio  via internet and Face Time or Skype to help with manufacturing an item.  They are looking to find ways to connect with schools.  I will be looking into the possibilities.  This will probably involve students making a prototype of their product, making detailed specs, then having parts made for the students to assemble.  I have asked that they give use some ideas as to the types of products that could be produced.

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