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  • 10th - September

    September - We are studying drama and Greek tragedy (Antigone).  Students are keeping reflective response journals to answer thought provoking questions.  To evaluate comprehension and learning, there is an evaluation following each act.  The final project is a cross-curricular project with Mrs. Nicora's art class.  The "mask" project will be complete and displayed by Halloween.



    September - We are concluding with a project to design a new school that is conducive to multiple intelligence learners, contains elements to entice the community, addresses technology and 21st century learning, is sustainable, flexible and energy efficient.  Students have a rubric for the project as well as a self-assessment guide. This project is due on September 13th.

  • Propaganda Techniques - March


    After reading or viewing a text, students are introduced to propaganda techniques and then identify examples in the text. Students discuss these examples, and then explore the use of propaganda in popular culture by looking at examples in the media. Students identify examples of propaganda techniques used in clips of online advertisements and explain how the techniques are used to persuade voters. Next, students explore the similarities of the propaganda techniques used in the literary text and in the online ads to explain the commentary the text is making. Finally, students create a visual project to represent their knowledge.

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