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6th grade PE  

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  • Physical Education Rules


    • Respect self, others, and equipment
    • Once you leave the locker room do not return without permission
    • Participate
    • Dress properly
    • Stop on whistle
    • Have fun!

    GRADING:    10 Points Daily

    • 5 Points Dressing Properly
    • 5 Points Participating

    DISCIPLINARY ACTION FOR NOT DRESSING PROPERLY:  Failure to dress 6 times results in a trip to office for conference with Mr. Lowe.  The 7th time will result in FRIDAY NIGHT SCHOOL.

    BULLYING:   If you see or hear of bullying going on inside the locker room or on the floor report it to me as soon as possible.

    Examples of bullying in the locker room:

    • Name calling
    • Physical abuse
    • Your clothes are generic
    • Talking about family members in a negative way

    Examples of bullying on the floor:

    • Name calling
    • Making someone feel they are not wanted on a team
    • Physical abuse


    I want your time in physical education to be exciting, fun, and rewarding.  If there are any ideas or games that we do not participate in and you think it would help you develop as a young athlete please let me know. 

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