Hi Everyone, 

We are at the midway point for the first nine weeks.  Progress reports will be sent home the week of October 3, 2016, but only for those students who currently have a D or an F in one of the subjects.  Students will be receiving a language arts and a social studies grade from me.  The language arts grade includes all grades for reading, writing, spelling, and grammar averaged into one grade.  If your child should receive a progress report, we hope to see you at parent / teacher conferences to be held Thursday evening, October 13, 2016.  Please call the school to make an appointment. 

If your child does not receive a progress report, you are still welcome to speak with myself or Mrs. Adkins about your students progress. Please call the school to make an appointment.  The number is 330-386-8700. 

Parents -  If you are not on Remind, please join.  I can send you short text messages or announcements this way.  You can also communicate with me if you have a question or need something. In text messaging, type in the number 81010 where you would put the phone number and then send the message @bb73ak and you will be on the list. It is easy and keeps you in the loop.

We started reading The Sign Of the Beaver in class using it as a whole class novel study.  This study ties language arts and social studies together.  We have also been working with synonyms and looking at strategies to use when reading.  We just began our online reading program, Reading Plus, and have had a very productive first week working with this program.  If you have internet access, have your student show you the program.  In social studies we are working on map skills and the big ideas of social studies and will be starting our study of early American civilizations in the next couple of weeks.

I believe parents are important partners in the education of their children, so I hope this helps to keep you informed of classroom happenings.  If you should need to contact me, call the school at 330-386-8700. My extension to leave a message is 22457.  You may also e-mail me at Debbie.McWilliams@beaverlocal.org.  

I am looking forward to a successful and enjoyable school year.

Until next time, 

Debbie McWilliams