Hello All, 

I imagine you are wondering what you should bring to school with you this year, so I am posting the needs for my classroom.  We have a fifth grade list that has been posted, so go ahead and work on that list.  This list is just to clarify.  These are not in addition to that list.  

First, I want to emphasize that students will need a set of earbuds this year.  Headphones are okay if these are preferred, but there is no need to buy an expensive pair of these. Earbuds will work just fine.  We will be using them everyday, so this is a must.   Please send along a baggie to keep them in as well, so they can be labeled with the student's name.  

Next, students will need notebook paper, pencils, crayons and/or makers, colored pencils, 2 one inch binders (please, no trapper keepers),  2 folders of two different colors, scissors, glue sticks, a pencil bag ( no boxes),  and a ruler. ( This is the list that was posted already on the main website. Only posted here for your convenience.  Ms. Covert will also need folders and binders for her class as well, and may also have other needs.  Please check the main list.)

Optionally, we could use a contribution of facial tissues - one or two boxes, if you are able.  We always run out of these before the end of the year. Your contribution will be very much appreciated. 

I am looking forward to a great year of learning and fun and look forward to meeting you.