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Principal's Message

Connie Shive, Principal

Connie Shive
MS Principal

We are now in our third year in our new building and continue to grow and extend learning opportunities for all students.  Beaver Local has become the hub of our community and is filled with students and community members from early morning until late evening.  The facilities that we have been blessed to work in afford students opportunities that most cannot imagine.  Our staff is committed to excellence and continue to seek instructional strategies that will prepare our students for any future they can imagine.   

The middle school is designed in grade-level pods in which the team of teachers has the flexibility to use a variety of learning spaces to best suit their instructional plan each day.  This creates a sense of community for our students and allows the teachers to best meet the social/emotional needs of our students during these middle years. Students are equipped with an iPad which puts information at their fingertips.  This same technology enables students to be creative and affords them the ability for personal expression. We are currently working to extend STEM and Makerspace activities in the middle school. 

Optimism is a powerful tool which allows us to look at school on a daily basis in a positive light.  Although we will encounter obstacles, they are speed bumps on our journey to success.  We use the hashtag #blmsyoumatter. We want all stakeholders to know their impact is felt daily and the smallest gesture or action can alter the course of someone's day.

We are blessed to have so many great teachers at BLMS and the students bring an energy that ensures that we strive on a daily basis that everyone is learning AND having fun.

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