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Tips for Parents Tips for Parents

These are some suggested tips to help manage challenging situations with students as well as suggestions on how to manage social media and uncomfortable situations which you may encounter.

Young People across America are taking note and finding a voice.  Students are focused on the balance in their lives between personal liberties and public safety.  Tough questions are being asked by parents and students. It is a time of reflection of not only what we can do in schools but how do we work to make the world a safer place.  

Our district leaders have a strong partnership with local law enforcement, and are actively engaged in conversations about how to provide the safest environment possible.  We partner with parents, health care professionals, and community organizations to provide support to families while also increasing the dialogue between home and school about issues affecting parents and families.  There are no easy answers, no single tool we can purchase. In today's world, it also requires we listen and are knowledgeable about what goes on with students in regards to social media. As we know, we didn't grow up in that world, so we must work to have conversations about the importance of being proactive, knowing who your friends are on those platforms, and being aware of what is happening in their lives.  It takes a village in today's world for us to raise and keep young people safe.

  • Log into your child’s social media accounts, photostream and text messages.  Your children have no expectation of privacy from their parents – be proactive and make it a priority.  In almost every tragedy, there were warning signs. Follow your children’s posts and sign-up for alerts.  Follow your children’s friends ….. Intentionally know what is happening in their lives.

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